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Female Sexual Problems

Absent Orgasm / अनुपस्थित संभोग

Orgasmic is delayed, infrequent or absent orgasms or significantly less-intense orgasms after sexual arousal and adequate sexual stimulation. Women who have problems with orgasms and who feel significant distress about those problems may be diagnosed with orgasmic.

Dryness of Virginia / वर्जीनिया का सूखापन

Vaginal dryness usually results from a drop in estrogen levels. Estrogen levels begin to decrease as menopause approaches. The ovaries produce estrogen, and estrogen controls the development of female body characteristics, such as breasts and body shape. It also plays a key role in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

sexual Arousal Disorder / यौन उत्तेजना विकार

This most common of female sexual dysfunctions involves a lack of sexual interest and willingness to be sexual. Sexual arousal disorder. Your desire for sex might be intact, but you have difficulty with arousal or are unable to become aroused or maintain arousal during sexual activity.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder — also called HSDD — is when you're not interested in sex (have no sex drive or a low sex drive), and it bothers you. It's one of the most common sexual problems that people have. This could be a lifelong concern, or it can happen over time.

Lack of Enjoyment During Intercourse / संभोग के दौरान आनंद की कमी

When you're not enjoying sex, you might be wondering why, but the truth is that our sex drives are impacted by so many things. Both your physical and mental health can be the cause of a low libido. Stress, certain medications, and a feeling of shame could all be reasons you may not be enjoying sex.

leucorrhoea or white / ल्यूकोरिया या सफेद

leucorrhoea, also spelled leucorrhoea, flow of a whitish, yellowish, or greenish discharge from the vagina of the female that may be normal or that may be a sign of infection. Such discharges may originate from the vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or, most commonly, the cervix.

Low Sex Desire Libado / कम सेक्स इच्छा लिबाडो

Stress, anxiety, or depression. Sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. Pregnancy and having a baby – your hormone levels change when you're pregnant, and looking after a baby can be stressful and tiring.

Pain During Intercourse / संभोग के दौरान दर्द

Pain in the vagina could be caused by: an infection – thrush or a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or genital herpes. The menopause – changing hormone levels can make your vagina dry. Lack of sexual arousal at any age.

Posterior Fourchette / पोस्टीरियर फोरचेट

Due to the complexity of the human body and each of its organs, there are many possibilities for things to ‘go wrong’. This may happen because of injury, toxicity, dysfunction stemming from other influences… the list is long! This certainly applies to the vagina. It comprises so many delicate parts and even has its own mini ecosystem, which can be upset by the smallest of lifestyle changes.

Breast Size Issue / स्तन का आकार मुद्दा

Breast asymmetry is very common and affects more than half of all women. There are a number of reasons why a woman's breasts can change in size or volume, including trauma, puberty, and hormonal changes. Your breast issue can change when you're ovulating, and can often feel more full and sensitive.


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